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New Shimano Stella SW 2019 rumors


Prime foto rubate e brevissimo video QUI del nuovo Shimano Stella SW 2019  che dovrebbe essere presentato almeno come anteprima al prossimo Japan Fishing Show di Osaka a inizio febbraio, la distribuzione in Giappone è prevista per Marzo/Aprile 2019. Ancora nulla si sa delle specifiche tecniche. Stay tuned…

UPDATE SHIMANO STELLA SW New  del 17/1/2019Stella SW 2019 a

Alcuni rumors dell’ imminente uscita del nuovo Stella SW 2019 che sarà presentato però solo nelle versioni 8000 PG8000 HG10000 PG14000 XG con quelle che dovrebbero essere le caratteristiche tecniche principali sotto la sigla di STELLA SW-X Concept, trattandosi di “rumors” il condizionale è d’obbligo e potrebbe non corrispondere poi nella realtà. Eccole  di seguito:



Hagane Gear

Shimano uses its cold-forged technology to create a precision 3D design, that provides the strength and durability, along with the incredible smooth operation of the reel

Hagane Body

Designed to reduce any flexing in the reel, even under extreme pressures. This ensures that all of the cranking power goes directly into the gear, thus providing a more powerful and efficient retrieve


X-Ship is designed to eliminate any rotor flex and twisting in the reel, and provides an incredibly smooth and powerful cranking action


Along with X-Protect, the X-Shield system provides extreme water resistance in the harshest of weather and water conditions


This system repels water, and combined with the water channeling construction, it ensures the highest level of water resistance without sacrificing light gear and rotor rotation

X-Tough Drag

This system provides a dramatically enhanced smoothness, level of control and a toughness that anticipates and deals with the high speeds and power of fish like the blue-fin and giant tuna

CF Aluminum Cold Forge Spool

Designed to last, this spool design provides increased strength and durability when compared to die-cast aluminum or graphite spools

Platinum Premier Service Plan

After purchasing this reel and submitting your Warranty Registration card points, you will receive coupons for discounts on cleaning lubes. It also includes Priority Shipping Labels that guarantee a 48 hour turnaround time from Shimano, or participating Shimano authorized warranty centers

Super Stopper II

This anti-reverse system uses a one-way rollers bearing that completely eliminates and back play. This provides the angler with instant hook setting power

X-Rigid Bail

Combining with the other X-Rigid features on this reel, the X-Rigid bail helps to provide optimal rigidity and eliminate any reel flex, which causes a loss of power

X-Rigid Gear

The X-Rigid gear was introduced into the heart of the Stella SW’s aluminum body, and it supports the incredible power and rigidity of the reel

X-Rigid Handle

Another element that combines with the other X-Rigid features to provide the ultimate rigidity and eliminate any loss of power caused by reel flex

X-Rigid Rotor

Another element that combines with the other X-Rigid features to provide the ultimate rigidity and eliminate any loss of power caused by reel flex




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